Voter privacy law a ‘step too far,’ Utah lawmaker says

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SALT LAKE CITY — Earlier this year, Sen. Jake Anderegg got a bill through the Utah Legislature that lets candidates for public office keep their home addresses private. Now, he’s taken on the task of rolling back privacy protections on Utah voter registration data that he once supported.

“I voted for the last law because I want to protect the information. But I think we went a step too far in the name of protection,” the Lehi Republican said of the 2018 law allowing Utahns to opt to keep their voter registration records private.

Anderegg, a member of the Utah GOP’s governing State Central Committee, said he was approached by party officials to re-examine the voter privacy law because the party is no longer able to know who all of its members are — a concern shared by Utah Democrats.

Besides political parties, Anderegg said other groups, including candidates, backers of citizens initiatives, news media and pollsters also have an interest in accessing voter registration data. He said his proposal is still “a work in progress,” but could recommend providing different information to different groups.

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