Utah’s Infrastructure Grade Holds Steady in Face of State’s Rapid Growth

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Utah has received a grade of C+ on the state’s overall infrastructure report card, not an improvement from the last report issued five years ago, but neither was it worse, which has been the case in many states. The Infrastructure Report Card was issued by the Utah Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. It shows the state holding steady in the face of record population growth and multiple systems that are reaching the end of their intended lifespans.

“Citizens in Utah can be very proud. Even though this could be looked at as just a C+ grade, it is actually one of the highest in the nation,” said K.N. Gunalan, 2020 ASCE national president. Utah tied with Georgia, which also received a C +, the highest cumulative grade ASCE has issued to any state.

Other individual sector grades for Utah are: aviation (C), bridges (B+), canals (D+), dams (C+), drinking water (B-), hazardous waste (C+), levees (D-), roads (B+), solid waste (B-), stormwater (C+), transit (B+) wastewater (C). The full report will be released in early January.

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