Utahns shoveled, skipped school — or struggled into work — as a record-breaking snowstorm pummeled the state

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Nikki Hjorth turned Monday into “a Marvel movie day” with her kids. Julie Sobchack did chores and cheerfully planned some baking. Alyssa Smith celebrated her “first snow day as an adult” by relaxing and shoveling — as each was among the thousands of Utahns who unexpectedly found themselves spending the day at home amid a major snowstorm.

Not everyone was happy to add an extra day to their kids’ weekend — or their own. Jaime Cross Carroll was “attempting to get some continuing education units done with interruptions every five seconds.” And Bill Lines was “freaking out about not being able to get to the job site. It’s how I get paid. And pajama bottoms and Netflix won’t pay the Netflix bill!”

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