Utah teen wins gold medal at the Youth World Archery Championships

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LEHI — If you’re going to miss school, the first week probably isn’t the best time — especially if you want to keep a low profile, like Makenzie Weatherspoon. She doesn’t like a lot of attention so missing the beginning of the year at Lehi High School wasn’t ideal — but to her, it was unavoidable.

“We talked to a few teachers and the administrators and they were all really helpful,” Weatherspoon said.

She may be a bit behind but her reason definitely hits the target.

“The summer of freshman year I made the cheerleading team,” Weatherspoon said, now a 15-year-old sophomore. “I was like ‘Well, I would rather do archery, because if I do cheerleading and break my arm, then I can’t shoot.’ So I finally made archery a full-time commitment, and started shooting six to seven times a week.”

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