Utah state budget chief is sold on management theory. Critics say she stands to profit from it.

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Over the past seven years, a niche management philosophy has been injected into every corner of Utah government, championed by one of the governor’s most powerful Cabinet members.

Gov. Gary Herbert has credited principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and its chief evangelist, Kristen Cox, head of his management and budget office, with empowering his administration to achieve one of his major goals — to improve the overall performance of state government by more than a quarter.

Some, however, wonder whether Cox has been leveraging her massive TOC experiment for her own personal gain through a private consulting business she owns — and in which two of her state lieutenants are involved — that offers to export Utah’s success to other governments. Videos and turnaround stories produced by state employees are doubling as promotional materials for this startup company and burnishing Cox’s consulting credentials, they say.

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