Utah political community responds after Salt Lake County GOP controversy, resignation

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SALT LAKE CITY — Following reports of alleged sexual harassment against women involved in local Republican party politics, the Salt Lake County GOP Chairman, Scott Miller, has resigned from his position.

In an email sent to county party leadership Sunday morning, which was shared with FOX 13, Miller said he had made a “mistake” in how he handled the allegations brought forth by seven republican women. He went on to say he was sorry and would be immediately stepping down from the county chair position.

Miller was quickly criticized Saturday after he sent an email to Salt Lake County GOP delegates attempting to discredit allegations of sexism and sexual harassment by Dave Robinson, the county GOP’s unofficial communications director.

One of Robinson’s accusers is Salt Lake County Council member Aimee Winder Newton. She posted a video to her YouTube account Sunday in response to Miller’s resignation, in which she says he was complicit in allowing Robinson’s behavior to go unchecked.

“We had our party chair who was enabling someone to take advantage of women in powerless situations where they were called terrible names and manipulated,” Winder Newton said in the video. “I stood up for them last fall and paid a heavy price for the last six months I’ve been harassed and bullied as well.”

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