Utah Man Shapes Pens Out Of His Old High School Gym Floor

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LEHI, Utah – Anyone who remembers Lehi back in the 1980s knows it doesn’t quite look like it once did. While change may be inevitable, one man is doing what he can to make sure no one forgets the sleepy little town he grew up in.  

“From when I was a kid, we didn’t even have a streetlight,” Darin Kirkham said. “The last 10 years, we’ve probably seen more growth than we ever have.”

For him, keeping a grip on the way things “used to be” is a bit of a hobby.

“It’s really kind of therapeutic,” Kirkham said, while shaping a piece of wood in a room attached to his garage. “I can come out here and forget about my real job and all the other challenges of life and just enjoy doing this.”

Woodworking is something he first got into back when Lehi was the way he remembered it.

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