Utah County leaders warn against illegal gatherings on New Year’s Eve

in Health
UTAH COUNTY — New Year’s Eve is known to be one of the largest party days of the year historically. This year, health leaders hope people will celebrate differently.

The group “YNG + DMB” posted on Instagram announcing they will be hosting a “Hip Hop New Years 2021” party.

“We want to let a BUNCH of people in!!,” one post read.

The Utah County-based group has received backlash for throwing large parties during the pandemic.

It is unclear where the party will be located, as the event’s location will be announced the day of, organizers said on Instagram.

It is always concerning when organizers don’t announce the location of an event, Sgt. Spencer Cannon said.

“One of the ways where you know that they shouldn’t feel good about what they are doing is because they don’t announce the location until the day before and the reason they do that is because they think there is less chance of us being discovered and our party being broken up,” the Utah County Sheriff’s Office public information officer said.

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