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The Utah County Health Department issued a temporary water quality advisory for Highland Glen Park after water quality experts found levels of E. coli above the safe recreation threshold in water samples of the Highland Glen Park pond.

On Aug. 7, Highland, Utah city officials announced that Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) specialists found levels of E. coli in water samples of the pond, warning swimmers and others recreating to take precautions when visiting the park, reported the Daily Herald.

“Do NOT ingest the water,” said city officials in the advisory. “Do NOT go swimming or wading in the pond. Wash your hands after handling water or fish.”

A team of state water quality specialists took samples on Aug. 5 at the Highland Glen Park pond and found E. coli levels at 550 most probable number (MPN) of bacterial density per 100 milliliters (mL), reported the Daily Herald. This is above the state water quality criteria of 409 MPN per 100 mL, according to Kate Fickas, aquatic biologist and coordinator of the DWQ’s recreational health advisory program.

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