Utah County digital inclusion program donates 45 computers for school work

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While a good portion of students in Utah County have had access to computers to do their school work from home, there are some who still need help.

United Way of Utah County’s Digital Inclusion Program distributed 45 computers to community members last week, many of whom are enrolled in the English Language Acquisition classes with Provo Adult Education.

These new devices will help families who are working, studying and socializing digitally. The computers were donated by way of the adopt-a-computer program, which is now temporarily suspended due to caution over the spread of COVID-19.

“We received 20 computers last semester,” said Chloe Valentine, English Language Acquisition program manager. “They (United Way) were planning to do the same thing this semester. They had 45 computers ready and decided to give them all before they had to close down.”
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