Too many lines on I-15 in Lehi confuses drivers

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LEHI, Utah — The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) opens a new on-ramp to I-15 southbound in Lehi tomorrow.

The new ramp will allow drivers to stay on Thanksgiving Way and then get onto SB I-15 without using an interchange.

However, there have been multiple lane shifts during the construction phase of the Technology Corridor.  Drivers complain it’s difficult to stay in one lane.
One posted a message stating “I was almost killed on I-15 today because the lane markings go all over the place in Lehi.”
To help drivers navigate, and prepare for this weekend’s new ramp, UDOT re-striped I-15 last night between 2100 North and Lehi’s Main Street to improve lane visibility on that stretch of freeway.
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