This is the ultimate dinosaur road trip

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“Prepare to be dazzled by one of the world’s largest dinosaur displays at the interactive Museum of Ancient Life in Lehi, Utah. Here you’ll see 60 complete skeletons, including the biggest dinosaur discovered: the 120-foot Supersaurus.

Kanab, Utah (CNN) — Eighty million years ago, a ferocious predecessor of Tyrannosaurus Rex stalked the western shore of an ancient seaway that flooded through North America, slicing the continent in two.
Named Lythronax, or “king of gore,” this 2.5-ton tyrannosaur stood a menacing eight feet tall and 24 feet long. Its powerful jaws could swiftly grab prey and tear it apart.
Lythronax is one of many magnificent new dinosaurs that paleontologists have unearthed across the northern Colorado Plateau, helping them piece together a complex evolutionary history.
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