The dance floor is heating up in Utah County

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There is an exciting ballroom dance competition coming to Utah in February! It’s the Utah Dancesport Challenge on Saturday, February 6 at American Fork High School. This event is the only sanctioned Utah ballroom competition so it’s exciting for our state to be able to hold a competition like this. Professional dancers from Center Stage Sasha Altukhov & Cheyenne Murillo are in studio this morning to talk about the incredible level of dance coming to Utah County and why the talent is so incredible in our state.

Utah Dancesport Challenge

Saturday, February 6

American Fork High School

Two of the fiercest competitors gave us a sneak peak of the dance they will be performing in February. Ten year old Crew Brinkerhoff and eight year old Ruby Taylor have been dancing together for a year and they are excited to take their skills to the next level. Tune in to see them teach Nicea one of their signature moves at the end of the performance!

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