Study: Accounting Firms Can Prompt Clients to Act Before the Tax Season Rush

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LEHI, Utah, — Weave, the complete business toolbox for service-based businesses and one of the fastest-growing companies in tech, today released new research outlining how accounting firms can prompt clients to start their income taxes well in advance of April 15–notwithstanding the IRS’s new 90-day extension.

Weave commissioned an independent study of over 800 US taxpayers to better understand how accounting firms can attract new clients, keep existing clients happy, and encourage all clients to schedule their tax prep work earlier in the tax season.

“COVID-19 is not the only thing stressing Americans at the moment.  Tax season is also upon us along with the attendant worries and concerns of filing our tax returns.  2018 was the year more taxpayers prepared their taxes with do-it-yourself software than with accountants,” said Alan Taylor, Chief Financial Officer at Weave. “As tax prep professionals must now compete against technology and automation as well as each other, how, what and when they communicate with clients is more important than ever. Adapting to the social constraints of COVID-19 will be huge for tax preparers.”

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