Romney says COVID-19 recovery in sight but first ‘we’re going to see some fear again’

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LEHI — Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney said he will continue to prioritize country over party when it comes to his stance on addressing the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. And, he joked in a Wednesday online meeting that business leaders could look to the actions of President Donald Trump as a model for what not to do in a crisis.

“As I think about what you do as a leader in a setting like that … there’s a way of approaching the people you’re dealing with,” Romney said. “The market, the banks, your employees, your customers, your suppliers. I’ll joke here … look at what the White House is doing with regards to COVID-19 and do the opposite.

“What I mean by that is, if there’s a problem, take responsibility. If something went wrong, if you did something wrong in the past, don’t look for someone else to blame, take responsibility.”

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