Proposal seeks to create oversight of government surveillance and tech in Utah

in Government

As rapidly evolving technologies and cozy government contracts have raised alarms over privacy issues, or at least made some Utahns uncomfortable, a local think tank is touting a solution.

The libertarian-leaning, Lehi-based Libertas Institute released a proposal Thursday morning that it’s calling the Privacy Protection Act. The proposal would direct the Legislature to create a state privacy officer within the Auditor’s Office as well as a personal privacy oversight committee. The committee would include volunteer experts in the tech and privacy sectors along with one or two members representing law enforcement.

“For the past several years we’ve seen a number of instances in which the government has been acquiring and using technology that endangers or undermines people’s privacy,” said Libertas president Connor Boyack. “This is being done largely without any oversight, public awareness or scrutiny about whether these tools are appropriate.”

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