Monday Close-Up: New board member for Alpine School District brings along extensive community experience

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Stacy Bateman originally went to school to become a kindergarten teacher, but plans changed and she ended up becoming a high school dance teacher instead. When she and her family moved to Lehi, she was asked to take on a long-term substitute teaching job.

From there she became a regular sub, mostly at secondary schools in the area.

Fast forward to 2019 and Bateman found herself being elected to the National PTA Board. Next thing you know, people began asking her if she was going to run for a seat on the Alpine School Board in 2020.

“One of my friends had said, ‘I think you should really consider this,’ so I did the math and I realized, maybe someday,” Bateman said. “I’d love to have that opportunity one day but I didn’t know if now is the time. I realized that in four years when the seat would come up again, three of my children would have already graduated.”

Having children that go to school in the district is not necessarily a deal breaker for her, but she does believe that it brings along a different perspective for board members. It began to set in that it could be her time to run, but she was still not sure.

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