Meet BYU’s pair of ‘dunking queens’

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The BYU dunk team was an all-male unit until two girls, Camdyn Roberts and Emily Meeks, joined and broke the gender barrier.

While they never thought this would be a part of their BYU experience, both girls love that they can use their athletic skills in a new way and inspire others.

“Shortly after joining the team, we got an email from a mom at one of the Cougar Strong performances,” Meeks, a sophomore at BYU, said. “And she said, ‘My daughter absolutely loved seeing the girls in the performance. She was just so excited and pumped that there was a girl there. Girls can do it too.’”

Meeks grew up in Washington as a gymnast and track athlete. She tried out for the dunk team and said the combination worked out really well.

“It feels like a lot of big brothers because they will tease you and include you in everything, and it’s just a lot of fun,” Meeks said. “It’s a fun dynamic.”

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