Keeping seniors safe: 21 ways you can help older friends, neighbors ride out COVID-19 isolation

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SALT LAKE CITY — She’s a healthy 90 years old, but Dean D. has temporarily shelved her normal plans. Usually, she has dinner at one of her kids’ houses at least weekly, enjoys a family home evening with kin on Mondays and has lunches or goes shopping periodically with pals. But that’s all out in the face of the voracious novel coronavirus that’s sweeping the globe.

The elderly are among those at greatest risk of a terrible outcome should they develop COVID-19. So, Dean’s hunkered down in her home, per public health officials’ request. Her freezer’s stocked, her five kids — each at least 60 and at high risk themselves — check in on her regularly, but her 50-plus great-grandkids have been told to stay away, because they might unwittingly expose her.

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