Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Ebikes: MOSH/CTY And RUSH/CTY Speed Review – First Ride

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“E” for ETHOS is in the air, people are starting to take action instead of just saying they care about the atmosphere. Purchasing electric cars, reusable grocery bags, cups, paper straws, and the repurposing of man-made matter; recycling is on the rise everywhere. Serial 1 ebike is Harley Davidson’s delve into the e-ssisted bicycle – announced in November of 2020. It’s also a clear connection to the re-cycling of heritage, since Harley’s first motorcycle ever is referred to as Serial 1. Harley-Davidson’s engineering strength, production prowess, and resources reaped from the love of feeling the freedom of two-wheeled mobility inspires the clear connection between Harley-Davidson motorcycles and its brand new bicycle brand. In fact, Serial 1 is now its own Lehi, Utah-based company, with H-D holding a large part of the equity.

Now a full line of ebikes have been designed to be ridden, recreationally and or daily, answering a new generation’s call for a viable eco-friendly health-conscious mobility choice. Also quite a few members of a more mature generation, including Burns and me a couple weeks ago, when famed former motojournalist and current Serial 1 Product Manager Aaron Frank dropped by with a pair of pre-production Serial 1s for us to sample: a MOSH/CTY and a RUSH/CTY Speed. The /CTY suffix, Aaron scoops us, indicates that these bikes are all part of Serial 1’s “city” platform, while also suggesting that other platforms might be on offer in the future. (Also, when all the good names are already taken, tacking on /CTY opens up a whole new world of possibilities.)

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