For kids to get the most out of summer, they need to do this (hint: it’s not playing)

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SALT LAKE CITY — The bright green-and-blue kitchen at the Sugarhouse Boys & Girls Club seems small with a dozen people packed into it. Malcolm Spann, 16, is scrambling a huge skillet containing dozens of eggs cracked by his friends, who now line either side of a steel counter covered with stacks of tortillas and gallon containers of cheese, ham chunks and diced potatoes. There’s a giant jug of salsa nearby.

Though many of the kids at the club come here for food during summer days, they are nonetheless focused on feeding other, needier folks they may never see. Once a week, teens gather in the kitchen to assemble 160 homemade breakfast burritos to feed people who are homeless. They’ve teamed up with Marita and Bernie Hart, who run a program called Understanding Us that feeds homeless individuals breakfast, then teaches them to do tai chi — an exercise that stresses physical and mental strength, while learning to control emotions and behavior.

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