Farmington High School Moving Online Due To COVID-19 Cases

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FARMINGTON, Utah – Officials with the Davis County Health Department confirmed 15 cases of COVID-19 at Farmington High School and ordered the school to close for the next 14 days, beginning Wednesday. The school will reopen for classes on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

The school notified parents with a letter on Tuesday. The letter said the 15 cases of the cornonavirus were confirmed over the last two weeks.

According to the Davis County Health Department, a school will close for 14 days if 15 or more cases are confirmed in a two-week period.

The letter said teachers will use Wednesday to prepare for the change to remote learning lessons. Students will begin online classes on Thursday. Students will remain on the same schedule and times that they already follow during the regular school day while attending classes remotely for the next two weeks.

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