Did You Know That One in Eight Women Are at Risk for Breast Cancer?

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LEHI, Utah & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Breast cancer affects one in eight women in the United States,[1] which is why Ancestry® and Bright Pink® today kicked-off a Breast Cancer Awareness Month education initiative. The partners launched a new, online information center on Ancestry’s website featuring a series of videos, candid conversations and resources to help women navigate their breast health risks with confidence.

Knowing one’s genetic health and family health history are important considerations in understanding possible risk for breast cancer and other health conditions. An estimated five to ten percent of breast cancers are linked to gene alterations, also known as mutations, passed from parent to child.[2]

“Bright Pink’s mission is to empower all women to take charge of their breast and ovarian health by knowing their risk and manage their health proactively,” said Ginny Ehrlich, chief executive officer at Bright Pink. “Exploring your genetics is a great place to start, and we are excited to work with Ancestry to help their nearly 18 million members learn about genetic risks for conditions such as breast cancer.”

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