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Utah law enforcement come together to ‘safeguard’ individuals with special needs

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Law enforcement agencies throughout Utah have formed a partnership to help authorities better respond to those with autism, dementia, and other special needs.

The project, dubbed “Project Safeguard,” is an online program that “promotes communication and gives police quick access to important information about a person with a disability such as autism, dementia, etc. This would include any disability where the individual displays a tendency to wander or shows other similar tendencies,” according to the Unified Police Department website.

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Utah Co. Sisters Training Police For Response To Those With Autism

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LEHI, Utah – Two sisters have been helping to change the way police officers respond to those with autism and other mental disabilities, and they’ve been doing it one police department at a time.

For 29-year-old Natalie Castro, it all started when she wanted to help a friend who is an officer understand how to interact with someone who has autism. Natalie’s own sister, 27-year-old Angela, has autism.

Castro has been using her platform as Ms. Utah County to get the message out there.

“Being able to educate officers on (how to work with people with autism) is so important to have more positive interactions,” Natalie said. “One of the reasons it’s so critical for law enforcement to get trained on autism is because we have such a high number of individuals with autism here in Utah. The more numbers increase, the more it’s going to be important for our officers to engage with individuals like this.”

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If you’re driving and texting this week, police will be looking for you

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Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Wade Breur has seen just about everything when it comes to distracted drivers, from people putting on makeup to eating while driving.

“Like balancing their whole meal in front of them. One time I saw an individual using a bowl of cereal, like balancing it between their knees while driving down the road, eating it while they’re steering with their knees with this bowl of cereal in front of them,” he said.

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