Can Nuclear Replace Coal In The West? Over 20 Utah Cities Are Betting On It Despite The Risks

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The solar panels outside the visitor’s center in Blanding, Utah produce enough electricity that the city can sell some of that power back to the grid, according to City Manager Jeremy Redd.

But that’s only when the sun is shining.

“You have intermittent sources of power and I think those are super important, and I think anybody saying we should do solar and wind, absolutely, I agree,” Redd said. “But it cannot be our only source of power. It’s just not reliable enough.”

Until there’s a good way to store solar and wind energy, Redd said Blanding needs access to a reliable source of power. Right now that’s coal. But, like many coal plants around the country, the one that supplies a quarter of Blanding’s power is shutting down soon.

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