BYU students win Adobe Analytics Challenge and bring home $35,000

in College Sports/Education

Students gathered from across the nation to compete in the Adobe Analytics Challenge on Oct. 28. The BYU team of students — Ryan Tucker, Joseph Heywood and Kyle Wong — developed a game-changing strategy for Major League Baseball’s marketing campaign. The team won the event and walked away with $35,000 and potential employment opportunities.

The BYU team took home the win by understanding Major League Baseball’s issue. For the event, MLB inquired as to how they could bring their in-game experience to consumers digitally.

Disclosures were issued at the event for business privacy, and exact information is not disclosable for the solution BYU came up with to help MLB. However, Nate Smith, a BYU alumn working with the event, expanded on the method the BYU students took to get the win.

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