Black moms share fear and pride of raising sons in America

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LEHI, Utah (AP) — Michelle Love-Day listened to a friend’s tearful fears with the kind of aching empathy that most Black mother’s wish they didn’t understand.

“Her children are 3 and 4,” Love-Day recalled. “And she was crying as she said, ‘My kids are so cute right now. We go in places, and everyone loves them, like they’re little puppy dogs. But at what age do my kids turn into a threat?’

“Then I started crying,” said Love-Day, the mother of a 19-year-old son.

Love-Day, Nikki Walker, Toni Ragsdale, Stephanie Hesleph, Rita Martin, Bridget Shears and Carol Matthews Shifflett all understand this fear in their bones.

In fact, when it comes to the realities of being a Black mother, especially to Black boys, no words need to pass between them to communicate the deep, unmitigated fear they carry when it comes to the risks their children must navigate in even the most mundane circumstances.

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