Bill may be first step to bringing back Utah vehicle safety inspections

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A move is afoot to start reinstating portions — and perhaps eventually all — of the state-required vehicle safety inspections that the Legislature dumped four years ago.
“I have had so many phone calls” asking “why did you do this? Why did you take this away?” Senate Democratic leader Karen Mayne, D-West Valley City, said in a hearing this week.
She argues that halting inspections has made roads more dangerous as people face no mandate to identify and replace bald tires, broken windshield, burned-out headlights or other problems.
“I talked to the Highway Patrol. In one year, there’s been 1,633 accidents caused by bad tires, brakes, steering, power train, wheels, windows, windshields, headlights, suspension, signal lights, tail lights, mirrors, exhaustion and wipers,” Mayne said.
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