Back to school during COVID: Will more Utah parents opt to home school this Fall?

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LEHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – In the middle of March, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across Utah and most around the country were forced to shut their doors as students transitioned to online learning. In the months to follow, parents, education faculties and students tried their best to make sure the learning process remained as efficient as possible.

Fast forward to four months later, and positive COVID-19 cases in Utah are on a current uptickSchool districts are working to figure out the best and safest way to bring students and staff back into the classrooms, while many parents are optimistic for what the fall may bring, others are leery to send their children back to schools regardless of any proposed safety measures.

ABC4 spoke with creator of the Lehi based home school curriculum The Good and the Beautiful, Jenny Phillips, about what options parents may have if they are considering the home school route for their child(ren). Phillips is a mom of five, who herself began homeschooling her children just over five years in her Utah County home.

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