Armed teachers train to stop potential active shooters in Utah schools

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Brenda Betteridge closes her eyes, takes a breath, and pulls the trigger. She nails the gunman.

“One more. Put it in the head,” a police officer instructed her, as she fired away at the cardboard prop representing a gunman.

Betteridge is one of dozens of teachers and other school administrators undergoing active shooting training with the Utah County Sheriff’s Department to stop, shoot, and kill anyone who may threaten the lives of their students.

Just four days ago, a teenage gunman opened fire and killed two students, wounded three others before shooting himself in the head in Santa Clarita, California.

Active shooter trainings for educators have become more common nationwide. Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith started these exercises in Spanish Fork because he wanted to make sure these educators were properly trained.

“If teachers are carrying guns, well, I want them to know how to use a gun,” Smith said.

Following a recent lockdown in Salt Lake City school district, deputies found teachers had left guns unsecured various places including in desks or inside of a purse. Smith was worried that some faculty were already bringing weapons to school around children without any training which is what led him to host the six-week training course.

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