A Year After Adding Payment by Text Capability, Podium Launches Card Readers

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Podium Corp Inc., a communications and payments provider, is adding card readers to enable face-to-face payments as well as remote payments.

Announced Monday, the reader accepts EMV, magnetic stripe, and contactless payments. Podium did not say when the readers will be available or disclose their cost. Podium’s primary payment method had been payment by text. A customer would be sent a text message with a link to an invoice to pay.

“Our device centralizes every payment flow, making the experience seamless and truly modernizing the payments experience for our customers—ensuring better conversion and overall customer satisfaction,” Eric Rea, Podium cofounder and chief executive, said in a statement. Podium did not reveal the maker of the readers.

Among the readers’ features are the ability to send receipts by text or email and support for recurring payments. Transactions made with the readers also flow into the client’s dashboard, enabling access to consolidated payment data.

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