$10,000 penalties, misdemeanor charges for those involved in Utah County party

in Crime

The Utah County Attorney is charging individuals and organizations for throwing a party near Utah Lake in October. Some of these individuals are facing misdemeanor charges and civil violations.

The civil violations come from the health department for violating the state’s public health order. It comes with a civil penalty in the amount of $10,000.

Some of those being charged by the health department are also facing misdemeanor charges from the Utah County Attorney. His office estimates the number of people gathered at the party near Utah Lake to be around 10,000, and he states mask wearing and social distancing were not being observed.

When asked for a timeline, attorney David Leavitt says the charges have been filed, but the individuals have a right to a jury trial, which aren’t currently happening because of the pandemic. He says the fines levied by the health department don’t have that requirement.

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